Press On Extensions for Length and Body without the Commitment
Hair ADK's Lockstrips hair extensions are made of 100% Human Remy hair and offer a revolutionary solution for users who want longer or thicker hair for days at a time without the long-term maintenance and commitment of hair extensions. Lockstrips offers inch and a half pieces that are sandwiched in between real hair with a "press and snap" method. No tape, clips, glue, beads or heat is used. Extensions go virtuously undetected as the hair lays completely flat without any bulky bond attached to it. Comfortable and safe to sleep in at night. Lockstrips lasts for days at a time, in between washes and is perfect for vacation getaways, weddings, special events and photo shoots. One pack recommended for thickness. Two to three packs recommended for adding length for full head of Lock Strip Extensions. Lockstrips packs are sold with 20 (10 sandwiches) per pack and are available in 20 inches in 15 shades: 1, 2, 3, 4, 613, 101, 22, 25, 8/22, 6/22, 4/10, Blue, Red, Pink and Purple.
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