How long do the extensions last?
About 8 to 10 weeks or as advised by your stylist, varying on the clients hair growth. This is recommended to eliminate matting, frizzing and tangling, and ensures the extension is always fresh and close to the scalp. They can be reapplied and reused.

Where does the hair come from?
Hair ADK extensions comes from overseas. The extension itself is hand made in china with products from Asia, Europe, India and the US.

Is it Human Hair?
Our extensions are 100% Human Remy hair, meaning the cuticle is intact and the hair is placed with the cuticle all facing the same direction. Benefits to this are no matting, frizzing or tangling. This product can be ironed and blown out just like regular human hair.

Can you color it?
There over 28 colors that can be blended to create up to 400 different shades. If you are not able to blend to create you desired shade, you can deposit color only. Do not deposit more than two levels. We do not recommend lightening any of the extensions. In the process of applying color keep all color away from the Lock strip attachments. 

Can you iron, curl or blow dry the hair?
All of the above heat processes are okay. It is not advised that client should sit under a dryer while wearing Hair ADK extensions or that any of the above is placed directly on the tape tabs. Concentrated heat applied to the tab can make the adhesive tacky .Always use low heat when blow drying hair extensions.

What products can be used in the hair?
We would always suggest that clients are working with the Hair ADK Product Line. It is formulated specifically for hair extensions because the hair is not attached to the scalp and getting nutrients from the root.  Heavy conditioners should not to be applied at the scalp, rather from mid shaft to ends.

Can roots be retouched while the extensions are in the hair?
Yes roots can be retouched again keeping in mind to stay away from the top of the Lock strip attachment. Roots should always be done prior to application and than in between extension service when there is ample growth to keep the color off of the tab.

How do I remove them?
Start at the corner of the Lock strip on top and slowly detach from your hair and the bottom Lock strip A good tip is to take a styro foam mannequin head and place the strips on t pins in the place they were taken from the clients head. This will guarantee an easy and accurate reapplication placing the extension back in it’s original spot and keeping your haircut. Another option would be to remove one extension at a time and move them up. Repeat each row. 

Can I reuse them?
Yes there reusable. The hair depending how well you take care of it will need to be replaced. Your stylist can advise you when it needs to be replaced.

How much do they cost?
Refer to current price list for salon pricing.

How many come in a pack?
There are 4 strands in each full pack and that makes 2 complete extensions. Our Deluxe packs contain 20 strands that make 10 complete extensions.

How many packs does it take to do a full head?
We suggest it will take 1 to 2 packs depending on your customers existing hair density and what you are trying to create. Matching thick, dense hair will take more hair to create length 2 packs, Creating length takes about 2 packs if your customer has average to thick hair. Fine hair can add length with one pack. If you are creating length in blunt haircuts texturizing the ends will help in blending the extensions and existing hair. Creating volume is depending on how much thickness they are trying to add however typically volume is achieved in under a pack if you are not creating length. Keep in mind number of packs may also vary based upon how many colors are in your clients existing hair that you are trying to match. This should be considered & estimated for in the initial consultation.

What lengths are available?
12”, 16”, 20” and 26” Lock Strips come in 20″ in natural colors and all our candy colors in 18″

Do you offer different textures?
Our hair is able to be worn straight or wavy.

Can I place a custom order?
If you need a specific color, length or texture not offered in our on line store you can call our warehouse at  800-554-0890